​​​You Deserve the Best Birth Experience Possible 
Benefits of a Birth Doula

Feel empowered and knowledgeable

Uncover your innate strength through birth

Strengthen your bond with your partner

Feel nurtured and secure every step of your journey

​Relax into a calm, peaceful birthing environment


"How a woman gives birth matters - to her baby, her family and to her self-confidence and self-esteem
as a woman and a mother ... How a woman is cared for during birth is a major influence,
​not only in how she gives birth, but also in how she feels about it." - Penny Simkin, PT, CD(DONA)

Empowering Women through Soulful Birthing

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Birth Doula Services
Birth Doula Package Options:

(1) Morning Glory (Basic Package)  
Includes: Free consultation in person, unlimited email and phone communication, prenatal questionnaire and birth plan communication via email, doula meets client in active labor, and follow-up postpartum phone call within one week after delivery.

his package is created for those that simply want labor and birth support. Prenatal and postpartum one-on-one time is not included and this means that education is limited and the overall quality of care is not as comprehensive or personable. Please make sure you are getting comprehensive childbirth education and you have a good support plan in place for the postpartum period if you choose this package.   

(2) Lily of the Valley (Standard Package) 
Includes: Complimentary 
consultation, 2 prenatal visits (4 hours of focused time on average), the labor and birth, and 1 postpartum visit (2 hours on average)  

(3) Mystical Rose (Premium Package) 
Includes: Everything in the 'Lily of the Valley' package plus your choice of one additional prenatal session (Approximately 2 hours) and additional follow-up postpartum contact by phone at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks after the birth.     

(4) Guadalupe (The Ultimate Package) 
Includes: 2-3 prenatal sessions, Mother's Sacred Circle Blessing Ceremony, belly casting or birth story, labor and birth support, one postpartum follow up visit, plus 10 hours of postpartum care in your home.  Additional prenatal time could include one of the following options of your choice: 

* Doctor or Midwifery appointment  
* Go for tea or share a meal together
* Meet for a walk / hike
* Creative session (i.e. creation of a vision board to tap into the essence of YOU and your passions, strengths, and desires)
* Rebozo session with your partner

(5) Last Minute Birth Doula (Contracted 38+ Weeks) 
Includes: Complimentary consultation (by phone or in person), prenatal session 1-2 hours (if time allows), unlimited email and phone communication, labor and birth support, immediate postpartum support (1-2 hours following the birth), follow-up postpartum visit after you return home, plus your choice of either one additional postpartum visit or phone call "check-ins" at 2, 4, and 6 weeks postpartum. 

This package is available for those that decide to wait until the end of third trimester to hire a doula or for those that are in labor and decide they need doula support after all. This service is subject to availability and the services provided can vary slightly depending on each situation (i.e. There may not be enough time to meet prenatally, but postpartum support is more extensive).

Note: Additional fees may apply to all packages. Service contract is detailed regarding policies and additional charges (i.e. holiday rates, extended support, etc.)

Add-On Services 
Customize your Birth Doula Package by selecting any of the following add-on services: 

(1) Childbirth Refresher Course
​Private session in the comfort of your home.

(2) Mother's Sacred Circle Gathering 
Organized and facilitated by doula Elizabeth Harris in your home - inspired by the Blessingway, a sacred Navajo tradition celebrated in honor of the expectant mother with the women of the tribe. It is an intentional and meaningful way to celebrate your pregnancy and strengthen you for your upcoming birth by connecting you more deeply with your baby, your innermost being, and your closest inner circle of female friends / family.
This can be to alternative or complimentary to a traditional baby shower. (4-6 weeks is needed for planning. Please email Elizabeth at BabyBodySoul@gmail.com for more details.)   

(3)  Belly Casting (includes materials and application)
All clients are encouraged to decorate Their belly casting on their own or with their partner or girl friends for maximum fun. F
or those of you who are not creatively inclined, Baby Body Soul LLC owner and doula Elizabeth Harris can refer you to a local artist (Additional charges may apply).   

(4)  Personalized Birth Story (from your doula's perspective)   

(5)  Additional Postpartum Support in your home at for all birth clients for up to 20 daytime hours (7am-7pm): 
* 6 hours 
* 10 hours

* 15 hours 

​* 20 hours

Please call (828) 214-7789 or email BabyBodySoul@gmail.com for a quotation on services customized to your specific and individual needs!