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Kind Words

What Professional Associates are saying . . .

"Elizabeth stands out in my mind as a thoughtful, professional, and knowledgeable caregiver
who serves both clients and colleagues with skill and integrity."

- Anne Marie, MS, OTR/L, CD(DONA)

"Very thorough,extremely knowledgeable and attentive.” - Megan

"The extra emotional support really helped my postpartum recovery." - Mandy

"Attentive, calm, focused, totally supportive of my wishes, a good listener and amazing heart. An incredibly supportive, patient-focused woman.  I wouldn’t have made it without her." - Melissa

"Elizabeth’s demeanor and consideration kept the space calm.  She made sure every moment was observed, dealt with and breathed through in a manageable way.  She made me feel like I was powerful. Her coaching and calm approach was invaluable.  I felt so well taken care of and powerful.  She wasn’t just a participant, she was an extension of myself." - Lisa

"Elizabeth was a Godsend!  She was engaged 100% in the process.  She was level-minded and supportive during the 24 hours of labor.  We don’t know what we would have done without her." - Robert

"Elizabeth educated my husband and I before, during, and after the birth in a way that left us empowered, informed, and advocates for each other, our son, and our birth story. Her presence and encouragement created a calm and grounding environment to welcome our son. She used our strengths to help guide us through one of the most transformative experiences. We valued her expertise and professionalism. We would highly recommend her services to others." - Heather

"From our first meeting I knew that you were the right person to see me through this emotional journey.  It has had so many ups and downs. It was in large part because of you that I was able to get through all of it and I thank you for that. Thank you for believing in me and my body.  Although I did not end up with my VBAC, I gained so much from this experience. I got as far as I could with your support and this time around I am convinced that the c-section was the right decision and that it was mine. You are a wonderful doula. Any woman that is under your care is very lucky indeed." - Melissa

"Elizabeth was incredibly supportive; we made a great team.

I really appreciate all she did for us to make the birth of our son perfect." - Jason

"Thank you for being a part of out amazing birth experience! It is difficult to imagine that day (or should I say 2 days!) without your help, caring and kindness. We really appreciate all the time, focus and sleepless energy you dedicated to our son’s amazing birthday. I know it wasn’t easy but what a sweet and lovely baby came from all that hard work." - Ashley and Walter

"We arrived at almost the same time at the hospital.  She had brought a bag filled with birthing goodies.  She put on some relaxing music and made the room smell very nice.  This definitely had a calming effect on me.  From time to time I panicked, afraid of a repeat C-section, but Elizabeth kept telling me I could do it and giving me pointers on how to relax.  My beautiful daughter came out with her little hand first after only ten hours. To me, Elizabeth is an angel fallen from the sky and I know that with her gentle, soothing and caring demeanor she will help many mommies bring their babies into this world." - Genevieve

"Elizabeth provided amazing support.  We labored naturally at a Birth Center before transferring to a hospital for a C-section due to failure to progress.  Elizabeth provided great mental and physical support, as we had a 20-minute drive to the hospital and I was fully dilated.  She helped me breathe through every single contraction, as well as talking me through them.  She stayed at the hospital through the surgery and was waiting for me in recovery.  She then provided an amazing amount of emotional support.  I feel like she really understood the disappointment and sadness I felt when I was unable to deliver naturally.  My husband was with the baby in the nursery, so having Elizabeth with me in recovery was so comforting and needed.  She also had news for me about the baby.  She was able to tell me that baby was doing great and how much he weighed (we knew he was a larger baby so I was dying to know what he weighed – 10 lbs. 1 oz.!).  Our baby was brought to us in recovery so I could nurse him.  Elizabeth helped me get him latched and made sure he was nursing well.  Today he’s a great nurser!  She also checked in with us again at the hospital and came for a postpartum visit once we were home. My husband and I both feel like Elizabeth played a very important role in our baby’s birth.  We definitely benefitted from her services." - Susan

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